New parking policies in effect at Pearson Airport

New parking policies come into effect at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Wednesday.To stop people from parking on the side of the road around the terminals, the airport will be issuing what it’s calling “mobile payment notices.”According to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, a camera mounted on a vehicle will drive around looking for anyone who is illegally parked.A picture will be taken of their licence plate and a payment notice for $75 will be sent to the address registered to the vehicle.If the notice goes unpaid, the ticket will be sent to a collections agency.The money will be funneled back into the cost of running the program.The GTAA says the changes are about keeping those travelling to and from the airport safe.It is reminding passengers about their free waiting lots, called cell phone lots, that are designed for drivers to use while they wait for passengers.Be safe—use our free, convenient cell phone lots. Starting on Sept. 5, we will begin issuing mobile payment notices to cars waiting for arriving passengers on the busy roadsides around the terminals.— Toronto Pearson (@TorontoPearson) September 1, 2018The lots are free and offer short-term parking for 226 vehicles in total.Pearson is Canada’s busiest airport. Over 47 million passengers travelled through the airport last year.