Mizoram Bru refugees allege starvation in camps for want of reliefs

first_imgThe apex forum of thousands of Bru refugees currently stranded in north Tripura on Tuesday complained starvation in makeshift camps due to irregular distribution of relief rations.The Mizoram Bru Displaced Peoples Forum (MBDPF) claimed situation remained same even after drawing attention of Tripura government officials. “It is unfortunate to mention that the government authority is still reluctant to take an urgent step for distribution of relief materials while making an excuse of non-receipt of fund from the Centre”, said MBDPF General Secretary Bruno Msha.Bru, also known as Reang, were displaced from Mizoram following ethnic riot with the Mizos in 1997 and were given shelter in seven makeshift camps in north Tripura. Their number originally swelled to 50,000, but came down to 35,000 with section of evacuees returning to their villages in Mizoram.  Ministry of Home Affairs funded reliefs are distributed in camps every fortnight since August 1998. MBDPF alleged that camp residents have not been provided ration marked for a period for second half of October.“If ration is not distributed in next two days there will be many casualties in the camps due to starvation”, Mr. Msha said adding that the camp inmates might raid government storehouse to loot foodstuff for survival.The forum said it is contemplating to organise road blockade stir to compel the government to act fast and save the refugees. It cautions that the government authority would be liable for any deterioration of law and order situation in camp locations.Bruno Msha said that there could be a “tactical ploy” to force them to return to Mizoram without any comprehensive rehabilitation package and security. Mizoram government hitherto refused to concede major demands of the MBDPF like formation of a regional council for Bru tribe.last_img